• David Power

    Bass Player, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

    Fretted, Fretless, 4 and 5 string and acoustic guitar

    David has been playing bass since his early teens and has played in many bands from folk, country and rock 'n' roll, though to pop, funk, blues and rock.


    He has played in all sorts of venues, from pubs and clubs to arenas, and all points in between.


    Recording, radio and TV appearances have also been a feature of David's career.


    David owns a range of amps and effects, including Ampeg SVT and some very portable TC Electronic gear. David's bass collection includes some vintage Fenders P's and custom made Nordstrands. Travel basses and Taylor Acoustics are also a feature of his guitar collection.


    As a vocalist David is happiest providing harmony and backing vocals, but for some projects David also provides lead vocals.


    David is happy to dep for your show, or provide bass parts for your recording which can be done in person, or remotely.

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